Culinary Wood Designs is the result of fulfilling a need back in 2005. As Director of Purchasing for a national, high-end steak house chain, I was asked by one of the unit Chefs to see if I could locate a particular shaped wooden serving platter. He had a sample of one that he picked up while traveling abroad. He also wanted it sized in different dimensions than the one he found. After many days of searching for what the Chef wanted without success, I decided that I could try and make exactly what he wanted in my home woodshop. The Chef was thrilled with the product and I found a new calling.

Through word of mouth in the Hospitality industry, I have been quite busy over the past 15 years working with various industry professionals on making their visions come to life.

I have worked in the Hospitality industry since I was 15 years old……. so, “I get it”.   I hold a B.S. from Johnson & Wales University in Hospitality Management and have worked for some of the finer organizations throughout the United States. I am fortunate to have stumbled upon a way to combine two of my passions……..hospitality and woodworking.

We’re located in the beautiful and scenic Hudson Valley region of New York State.

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